Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Make Your Voice Heard!

The Association of Canadian Choral Communities (ACCC), Canada's national
choral affiliation, has written to CBC protesting their reduction in
choral programming.  Choral Concert heard weekly on CBC Radio Two Sunday
mornings has been shortened to one hour per week from the previous two
hours.  Copies of the letter sent to CBC can be found here:
CBC Letter (English)  CBC Letter (French)
You are invited to support this national advocacy effort by letting CBC
know that choral music is important to Canadians.  Programs that celebrate
Canadian choral singing, like Sunday morning's Choral Concert are inherent
to Canadian culture and must remain on air in their full format to
strengthen and support Canadian choirs and their conductors as well as the
Canadian choral music composition industry.

Please forward your comments to Mr. Mark Steinmetz, Director, Music
Programming - English Services, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, P.O.
Box 500, Station A, TORONTO, ON  M5W 1E6.  Mr. Steinmetz can also be
reached at:  mark.steinmetz@cbc.ca

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