Friday, 14 September 2012

SK Music Conference - Registration Reminder

Don't Miss Out - Early Bird Registration Closes Oct. 1

Don't miss your chance to attend SK Music Conference at a reduced rate!  Early bird registration is available until October 1.  Take advantage of the great choral sessions being offered at SK Music Conference this year:
  • Conductor Tune-up - In the flurry of our busy choral teaching and conducting lives, how often do take time to analyze what our bodies are saying to our choristers?   (Elroy Friesen)
  • It's All About the Text . . .   Text is key to inspired performance! This session focuses on using text to teach tone, technique, interpretation, and performance skills.  (Elroy Friesen)
  • Cracking the Boy Code - This humorous and informative session will take a look at how boys learn and process information differently than girls. Learn how we as teachers can gear our classes and private lessons to aid our male students to learn at their fullest potential.  (Gregory Chase)
  • Senior Choral Reading Session - Music supplied by Long & McQuade.  (Elroy Friesen)
  • Junior Choral Reading Session - Music supplied by Long & mcQuade.  (Elroy Friesen)
  • and more!
Be sure to sign up for the SMC Chamber Choir and re-experience the excitement of honour choir as you share the joy of choral singing with fellow delegates from across the province.  Rehearsals begin Thursday, November 1 with the concert performance to occur on Friday, November 2.

NEW IN 2012 - Register by September 30th and have your name entered to win a Deluxe King-Size room at the Saskatoon Inn for the weekend!

Sing Along With Jeffery Straker At SMC's Kitchen Party Welcome Social!

Join us on Thursday, November 1 (after Chamber Choir rehearsal, of course) for even more choral fun!  Saskatchewan's own Jeff Straker, will be joining us at the conference to perform and lead us in a sing along at the SMC Kitchen Party Welcome Social!  Don't miss out!

Singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker performs over 100 shows per year across Canada. He recently recorded for CBC radio’s ‘Canada Live’, and had a music video rise to the top 10 (#6) on Canada’s Much More Music. His previous album ‘Step Right Up’ was the #5 selling album in his home-land of Saskatchewan in August 2010, ahead of both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. He’s sure neither of them cared. But he is sure that he, in fact, did. 

Ease the Load & Lighten the Way - Take a Break & Get a Grip

Keynote Speaker - Patricia Katz 

Super-sized, multi-role demands and a supersonic pace can and do exact a huge toll on individuals, their families, and the organizations in which they work. Ongoing overload negatively impacts physical, mental and emotional health.
And, to make matters worse, overloaded individuals often abandon the very self care practices that would bring relief and help them cope. This situation is unhealthy, unprofitable, unsustainable, and ... unnecessary. Life and work do not have to be this way!

This session will help you and your colleagues:
  • Reset your mindset to embrace a more sustainable response to the nonstop pressures of a 24/7 world.
  • Enhance productivity & renew energy by giving yourselves and each other permission to offset the pressure to perform with well-paced pauses for renewal.
  • Adopt practical, workable strategies to help you carry the load, define the load, control the load, and celebrate the load.
  • Reinforce your progress through accountability and reminders.

Click here to REGISTER NOW.

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